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Build My Happiness on Others' Pains

John: "Hey, you know what? I also broke up with my girl."
Me: "Really? How come?"
John: "..." (I was not really listening here, all I heard was "bra bra bra...")
Me: "I know it sounds evil. But I have to tell you that I feel way much better after you told me that."
John: "What? hahaha..."
Me: "Sorry."
John: "You like the sympathy, do you? haha"
This conversation took place a couple of months ago. I thought I felt it that way because I was going through a hard time. But Last weekend I went to a friend's party. Althoug the food was good, the peple were interesting, the party didn't really started until one guy's car was hit by a drunk driver. We were so excited to catch the drunk driver, call the police and gossip. (But I did say sorry to the poor guy when he caught me smiling.)

"If you wanna live in the world for a long time, you gotta get your hands dirty sometimes". My supervisor in my undergraduate study told me everytime he visited me. Well, I still haven't nailed someone's tire yet. But sometimes I do build my happiness upon others' pains.

Theoretically, it is such a perfect formula:
one's pain creates others' happiness
compared to:
one's pain creates others' pains
I would love to have my friends laugh at my pains so that my pains would become worthy. Actually I would like to laugh at my own pains sometimes.


Blogger Sven said...

When you laugh at your own pains you will have reached the next level of maturity. Something to strive for my friend.

5/28/2005 5:47 p.m.  

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