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Wake Up with AIDS

AIDS Memorial in Church St., Toronto

When my radio alarm clock hit 8am, I heard a report from CBC about AIDS in China. What a perfect morning, huh. I woke up to the news of AIDS. In gratitude, I send this greeting back to AIDS.

The news was the same cleche about the "evil" central government regime and ideology stuffs. What interests me is the power vacuum in the field of AIDS. Because of the lack of effective medicine to treat AIDS, in the world wide no organization can really declare its absolute power over AIDS and its patients. The so-called "International AIDS Organization" is just a small potato, which cannot build its authority. Reflected in China, the power vacuum is embodied with the conflict and tensions between different institutions, e.g., local AIDS organizations, international AIDS organization, chinese government and other emvironmental institutions. Since the victimized chinese government in western media, AIDS activitists this time was picked as the heros by CBC (which was influenced by CNN, I think).

Although the absolute language has not been stablized. Some groups of populations have been discriminated against, like blood-sellers (in turn poor people), homosexuals, people with low education and so on. They are targeted as "dangerous" people associated with the current unstable knowledge on AIDS and HIV. It would be quite amusing to see what if the current knowledge fails and a new explaination develops. They could declare people with special gene are "dangerous". Somehow, every power needs its subjects. As Bart Simon said, power loses its foundation if it is not linked to the subjects. In the case of AIDS, we could see the subjects are already constructed even though the power itself is still vague and unclear.


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