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I Don't Read Enough

I was surprised that Sven tagged me. Suddenly there is a person who follows my blog and keeps making comments. I am still grateful for your comments and your encouragement. I would have quit blogging.

Well, here we go.

How many books do I own?

It's really embarrassing to reveal that I own less than a hundred books. First of all, I can't really afford books. I used to go to the bookstores and read the books there. Now I am lucky enough that I can borrow out as many books as I like from a big library. Second of all, influenced by an ancient Chinese scholar, I sort of believe that one can only read borrowed books, the ownership and the deadline of which push me to finish them as soon as possible. Or the books would just sit on my shelves for ever.

The last book I bought?
James Gleick (2002) What Just Happened: A Chronicle from the Information Frontier
I bought this book a couple of months ago when I was wandering at Indigo. Gleick is very insightful into the Internet culture. His cynical writing style reveals that he is a smart ass, which most North American are trying to be.
The last book I read?
Bill Bogard (1996) The Simulation of Surveillance: Hyper Control in Telematic Societies
I had a chance to talk to the author after I read his book. His brilliant employment of Baudrillar's simulacrum into the current trend of Surveillance practice is fascinating. It also stiimulated me to think of our identity. Stripped of the name, gender, height, weight that enforced on our physical body, who are we? What do people mean when they say they are Chinese/Canadian/Swedish/Australian/...?

Five books that mean a lot to me?

Wu Chen'en (1592) The Jouney to the West :
It's a classical Chinese novel about priest Sanzang and his three disciples, Monkey, Pig and Friar Sand, suffer 81 troubles and travel to India in quest of Buddhist scriptures. It totally blew me off by the author's incredible imagination. After reading that, I talked to my cat and hoped he would respond and turn to a cat-man accompaning me to discorver another side of the world.

Lu Yaodong (2002) The Stomach Greatly Tolerates :
I read this book last summer before I headed to North America. Initially I meant to learn some Chinese cooking so that I could survive. It turned out the incorporation of Chinese culture and the interpretation of Chinese cusine distracted me from learning cooking. I was so into this book that I was going to give up my program to be a cultural food hunter like Lu.

Berger, Arthur Asa (1997) Postmortem for a Postmodernist :
It is an interesting postmodern novel. The story is very simple. However, I did learn a lot about the essence of post modernism during the reading.

Micheal Foucault (1972) Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison:
This book was the reason I am in my field now. And I believe someday I would learn French just in order to read the original French version.

Confucian Analects :
This is the foundation of my knowlege and my life. It's more a methodology of how to lead a life and how to do study.
Who to tag?
Well, I don't think I know any bloggers well enough to do this. I would so lose my face if the persons I tag don't do that. So it would be an open call here.

After a second thought, I think it's a good way of making friends. So I am gonna tag 5 more persons:
Laoch-of Chicago



Blogger Sven said...

Thanks Wéi! I tagged you because you interest me, and I was rewarded, so thanks again :)

As for tagging someone, never mind losing face, do as I did, tag people you are curious about, and see if you get to learn more abouth them ;)

6/09/2005 6:15 p.m.  
Blogger Pat Sajak said...

What does it mean to tag in a blogging context?

6/09/2005 11:08 p.m.  
Blogger Sven said...

It come from the childrens game 'Tag, you are it!' (a lot of kids running around, one chasing the others, to touch one and say 'Tag, you'r it!'), and means that you are passing on the responsability to answer the questions in that particular meme. many ask for permission in email to tag someone, but I'm a bit more direct, as you have noticed ;)

6/10/2005 9:07 a.m.  
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