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Movie: The Interpreter

I conducted an experiment with a friend with French Canadian background a couple of weeks ago before I watched the movie 'The Interpreter'. We spoke languages that the other didn't speak and saw how much we could understand each other. In this case, I spoke Chinese and he spoke French. It is said that one would understand as long as one listens carefully. Unfortunately, we failed. Without proper language training in the specific language, everything we said that evening didn't make sense to each other. The next step, we abandoned the languages. We started to communicate with gestures and body languages. Guess what? With practice, we understood each other gradually.

My point here is that after years of 'socialization', I become so dependent on languages that I almost lose the natural ability of expression.

One day when I was reading in my park (a quiet place I found near my house), a big bird flew over and stopped near me. I tried to greet it but I couldn't find a language that both of us could understand. So I had to ignore it. I asked myself since when the communication between me and other creatures beame problematic, even a simple greeting.

Besides the dependence on languages, another problem I have is that I have been trained to look for the difference since kindergarten. So skin color, gender, language, I try to locate as many differences as I could. That builds walls between people. I should start to appreciate the common things between different creatures.

Tolerate the difference, and focus on the similarity. That's the way to acheive peace, I think.


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