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Here is the list of stuffs I am taking during my trip to the west:

mp3 player
a book
cash and bank cards
wishes from my dear friends

Before this trip, I have already learnt a lot by preparing for it, about the places I am going, the people living there, and the most importantly, the friendship. I feel lucky that I have friends who care about me, so that I am not bothered by thoes who don't want me to be happy. I feel sad because two of my best friends are about to leave Canada when I come back from this trip.
Bon Voyage, to me and my dear friends.


Recipe for Friendship

Dear Kimmy wrote me her secret recipe. I would like to share it with my friends.

Fold two hands together
And express a dash of sorrow
Marinate it overnight
And work on it tomorrow

Chop one grudge in tiny pieces
Add several cups of love
Dredge with a large sized smile
Mix with the ingredients above

Dissolve the hate within you
By doing a good deed
Cut in and help your friend
If he should be in need

Stir in laughter, love, and kindness
From the heart it has to come
Toss with genuine forgiveness
And give your neighbor some

The amount of people served
Will depend on you
It can serve the whole wide world
If you really want it to



On Tuesday evening, my two best buddies in town came to the boat and had dinner with me and my house mates. One of them is leaving for the States to pursue a PhD while the other is going back to China soon. So that would be the last time we had dinner together. Here's the dishes I cooked for them that night (in course order):
  1. Crispy tofu;
  2. Red pepper boat;
  3. Italian Sausage;
  4. Rice stick fried with onion, chicken and bok choy;
  5. Salmon soup;
  6. Garlic lettuce salard.


How About An Ice-Cream

Everytime I walk by the ice-cream store, the owner would come to talk to me. It's amazing for me because growing up in the city I am used to the coolness between people. I feel good to his kindness, and presured at the same time. I feel like I have to buy his ice-cream to show my friendliness (maybe it's eventually the way he does business, who knows). But the fact is that I don't like ice-cream, the sweet and cold taste always makes me wanna jump. However, I would buy his ice-cream everytime I return from grocery shopping. Sometimes the idea of paying-back to people's kindness makes me feel good about myself.

If you are on my msn list, you probably have noticed the change of my account to 'Pigdog Blue', literally translated as 'zhu gou bu ru'. It is typical Chinese English, meaning worse than a pig and a dog. A same question has been thrown to me for times bout why I changed to this account. Nothing much, just to amuse myself and my friends.

Yesterday a friend told me it was his worst day in life ever because he lost two friends in the same day. He couldn't help the sadness. I think it was good in the way that he got to experience the feeling of sadness.

Sadness is an instinctive ingredient in human being. We are all born sad, crying, and screaming. In some part of China, if a baby is born without crying, the father needs to spank it right after it is born till it cries. The cry and scream of a baby means a new life. And for the life ahead of him/her, he/ she needs to learn to get over the instinctive sadness, learn to enterntain himself/ herself, and maybe more, to amuse his/ her fellow beings.

So enjoy every feeling you experience because they are all precious, including sadness. But since we are born sad, we need to learn to balance it in order to complete this life.


Mr. Lonely

I am deeply convinced that I am a loner. The more people surround me, the lonelier I feel. Yesterday I went for a boat trip with my house mates and their friends. I appreciated that I had the opportunity to a boat trip. However, I have to say, the loneliness offset the excitement.

My landlord said I shut down the conversation with others. But I am not interested in their life stories. And I am sick of telling people the cliche of who/ what I am.

Maybe I really belong to the temple, as my friend said.


Terrifying Because in London?

Four bombings, more than thirty dead, hundreds more wounded? In London, it is a terrifying, enraging, appalling act of despicable violence that must be immediately avenged. In Iraq, they call events like this "Tuesday."

William Rivers Pitt reminds us not to forget people suffering in the Middle East, when we send our condelence to Londoners.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed and wounded in Iraq by way of deadly bombings that have been taking place every single day. These Iraqi people are no different from the Londoners who perished today. Their skin is darker perhaps, and they pray to a different God, but they have families and children and dreams and they die just as horribly as their British counterparts. Yet they earn perhaps a few sentences on the back page of the paper, and virtually no comment from the members of the international community which ginned up the invasion of Iraq in the first place.

The world was warned about this, warned and warned and warned again. An invasion based on lies and disinformation, an occupation that grinds a civilian populace, becomes the perfect machine to manufacture terrorists who will happily die in order to see others die. The CIA calls what happened in London today "blowback." It is wrong, it is heinous, it is murder plain and simple, and it was as predictable as the sun rising in the East.

One thing is certain. The perpetrators of this bombing bear the responsibility for this wretched act, and bear the responsibility for the gross miscalculation that many have made in the past: A democratic society is weak and decadent, and can be easily pushed. Ask Hitler if that is true. A democratic society, once enraged, is the strongest force on Earth, and those responsible for this are going to find that out to their woe.

The other certainty: Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair bear the responsibility for this wretched act, as well. They decided in April of 2002 to start a war based on false pretenses, to fix the intelligence and facts around the policy, and now the whirlwind has come to be reaped. The blood that runs in the streets of London, and in the streets of Baghdad, Fallujah, Tikrit and Mosul, is on their hands.


My new roommate is native Indian. When he was telling me the exciting stories of hunting in the forest, my landlord said he also hunted "for fun". I understand people go to the forest and kill animals to feed themselves. But hunting for fun is something I feel disgusting. How can people sacrifice other lives to entertain their needs for 'fun'. Killing is no fun.

When I woke up this morning I heard the explosions in London, where my friends reside. Several days ago, there were protests in Dublin. A program called 'Maximun Explosion' last evening also showed me how aggresive we become.

Protesters are hero only when they have no other means to express themselves. I am with them because they are forced to march on the street. However, people nowadays really just march for fun. Every time they want to express something, they gather and walk on the street, even use violence. People all around the world are becoming aggresive and always ready to kick the ass, thanks to "Democracy".

I was planing a trip to London, but now I need to write to my friends there to make sure they are safe.


When I Got Drunk

  1. Slept in the Taxi driver's place, coz' I insisted not to tell him my address (Shanghai, Christmas 2003).
  2. Some son of a gun used cigarrete to burn my face (Kingston, Canada Day 2005).
  3. Some Parent used me to scare and discipline his child (Kingston, July 2, 2005).


Willboard June

In June, I got some really good albums. If I really have to pick one from them as the highlight of this month, I would recommend Jamiroquai's Dynamite. Jamiroquai is the most known band of the acid-jazz movement started in London. Jay Kay, the key person in this group, is so talented. I especially like the song '7 days in the Sunny June'.