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How About An Ice-Cream

Everytime I walk by the ice-cream store, the owner would come to talk to me. It's amazing for me because growing up in the city I am used to the coolness between people. I feel good to his kindness, and presured at the same time. I feel like I have to buy his ice-cream to show my friendliness (maybe it's eventually the way he does business, who knows). But the fact is that I don't like ice-cream, the sweet and cold taste always makes me wanna jump. However, I would buy his ice-cream everytime I return from grocery shopping. Sometimes the idea of paying-back to people's kindness makes me feel good about myself.

If you are on my msn list, you probably have noticed the change of my account to 'Pigdog Blue', literally translated as 'zhu gou bu ru'. It is typical Chinese English, meaning worse than a pig and a dog. A same question has been thrown to me for times bout why I changed to this account. Nothing much, just to amuse myself and my friends.

Yesterday a friend told me it was his worst day in life ever because he lost two friends in the same day. He couldn't help the sadness. I think it was good in the way that he got to experience the feeling of sadness.

Sadness is an instinctive ingredient in human being. We are all born sad, crying, and screaming. In some part of China, if a baby is born without crying, the father needs to spank it right after it is born till it cries. The cry and scream of a baby means a new life. And for the life ahead of him/her, he/ she needs to learn to get over the instinctive sadness, learn to enterntain himself/ herself, and maybe more, to amuse his/ her fellow beings.

So enjoy every feeling you experience because they are all precious, including sadness. But since we are born sad, we need to learn to balance it in order to complete this life.


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