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My new roommate is native Indian. When he was telling me the exciting stories of hunting in the forest, my landlord said he also hunted "for fun". I understand people go to the forest and kill animals to feed themselves. But hunting for fun is something I feel disgusting. How can people sacrifice other lives to entertain their needs for 'fun'. Killing is no fun.

When I woke up this morning I heard the explosions in London, where my friends reside. Several days ago, there were protests in Dublin. A program called 'Maximun Explosion' last evening also showed me how aggresive we become.

Protesters are hero only when they have no other means to express themselves. I am with them because they are forced to march on the street. However, people nowadays really just march for fun. Every time they want to express something, they gather and walk on the street, even use violence. People all around the world are becoming aggresive and always ready to kick the ass, thanks to "Democracy".

I was planing a trip to London, but now I need to write to my friends there to make sure they are safe.


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