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Journey to the West

I have been back from the trip to the west for a couple of days. Compared to the wild wide west, the silence of this small town depressed me the moment I stepped off the bus. I didn't wanna do or say anything for the last few days. Everything looks so familiar, but at the same time, very strange.

Rocky Mountain
The whole trip was wonderful. Everyday was a new experience. I had the best steak and pan-cake in Calgary. After the hiking in the beautiful Rocy Mountain, the hot spring and massage were relaxing and satisfying. I was chased by a coyote when biking in Jasper. It became the legend afterwards during the trip. In kelowna, we went to winery to taste wines. It is hard to put on words the feeling of fine wines wrapping my tongue while the glass reflecting the sun shine in the farm. It was a combination of laziness and elegance. My final stop was Vancouver. It is a city built with coffee shops. And the brand of this city is obviously 'Starbucks'. It is also a stylish city in that everyone has its own style of dressing, talking and living. The individuality also contributes to the tolerance and diversity of this city.

This trip benefies me not only because I got to see another mountain or another city, also in that I learnt more about myself and my needs. Welcome back.


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